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Tasha Ball
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Select the size you want, before moving forward with your purchase.

Help support residents impacted by Hurricane Ida!

100% of Campaign profits go to Cajun Navy Relief who have mobilized in response to the devastating effects of Hurricane Ida in Southeastern Louisiana.

The mission of Cajun Navy Relief is to save lives. This group of volunteers works tirelessly without pay (using their own personal equipment) to provide immediate rescue and relief during natural disasters.

With the launch of her new brand. City & Spur, and a first campaign featuring a pair of studs and chains sold together as a set, Tasha's goal is to support Cajun Navy Relief's recovery and rescue efforts in New Orleans, Louisiana and the surrounding areas impacted by Hurricane Ida.

City & Spur was inspired by Tasha’s Southern California roots and a new country home in Texas. While fully embracing the BIG Texas lifestyle, and still holding on to her laid back West Coast vibe, you could call her a modern cowgirl; a perfect mix of both city and country. A truly free spirit has led her around the world, finding inspiration in curating accessories that are “at home” on every trip around the world, or simply exploring in your own backyard.

Her hope is that City & Spur will inspire you to embrace your adventurous side, and follow the North Star that always leads you back home.

  • Created by Original Tasha Ball
  • Stud and chain earring set sold as a pair
  • 18K gold-plated Sterling Silver with clear gem stones
  • Free shipping anywhere in the USA
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Organic, citizen-led disaster relief.

Cajun Navy Foundation believes that in today’s world, there is no reason that compassionate neighbors in affected communities can’t fill the void and bring relief as efficiently and as fast as any established entity. In fact, they think this model will be faster. During a disaster, citizens are hungry to help those in need and when they’re our neighbors, local, efficient, fast, with no red tape and very little overhead, they can’t be stopped. Cajun Navy believes they have created a better way called “Citizen-led Relief”. The DNA of Cajun Navy can be explained in one sentence: “When you’re hungry, there is no waste.” They’ve spent the last year creating innovative ways to help citizens bring organic relief to those who need it. Unlike established organizations, they can scale fast, adjust on the fly and meet specific needs which eliminate waste. Anywhere there are people that are hungry or in need, good citizens are hungry to help them and Cajun Navy Foundation wants to bring them together.


The Perfect Pair


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