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Greg Scheinman
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100% of profits support beloved LAX coach recovering from trauma

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Greg Scheinman ultimately launched the MXMZ ("Maximize") brand to help men navigate change and evolve into the best versions of themselves. And right now, one man in particular could use help navigating a dramatic change. That man is Coach Zach Fry, a human who has dedicated his life to helping young men achieve on and off the lacrosse field, and has had a hugely positive impact Greg’s son Auden and many others in his local community.

Coach Fry recently suffered a spinal cord injury while playing in a Premier Lacrosse League tournament and is working hard to recover. But he needs help, and that’s why 100% of profits from the MXMZ Rucksack Campaign will to toward helping Zach.

The MXMZ Rucksack is a classically styled and practical backpack made form a very durable and premium canvas. It’s easily adjustable straps and ample storage make it ideal for laptops, work gear, or whatever provisions your travels require.

The MXMZ brand champions the “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way” ethos, and is all about creating products that help men who have lived some life get the most out of their next chapters.

  • Created by Original Greg Scheinman
  • Lightweight and durable 16oz canvas with microfiber cotton lining
  • Vegan leather handle and trim
  • Padded laptop sleeve with velcro enclosure
  • Premium carabiner
  • Free shipping anywhere in the USA
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Greg has green-lit his prototype sample and has officially launched his crowdfunding campaign! His campaign has an expiration date, so he's hustling to promote and spread the word to his Nation. Likes and clapping emojis are definitely in order, but that’s’ not enough. Greg needs your support and by support we mean place an order and/or share his Campaign with everyone you know, and even with people you don’t!

Join Greg in supporting the fundraiser for Zach Fry

While playing in a lacrosse tournament in Denver, Zach suffered a spinal cord injury at C3 and C4. He was air lifted to a nearby hospital and is currently in an ICU, over 1,000 miles away from his home, recovering from surgery on his spine. Although the surgery was successful, Zach now has minimal movement of his arms. His recovery will be long but we know Zach is a fighter. His wife, Ashlie, has been by his side through all of this. They also have an 8 month old baby girl, Devyn, who is the light of their life! This fundraiser is to support Zach's recovery, getting him back to Texas to be closer to Devyn, assisting with medical bills, travel expenses, rehabilitation and life adjustment. Any donation, words of encouragement and prayers are greatly appreciated.


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