Gabri Coastal Chic Earring Set

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Gabriella DeMers



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Gabriella DeMers

Coastal Chic

Gabriella was inspired by beach days in Mexico and beautiful coastal vibes. Thoughtfully curated, she wants each piece to be made for her Nation to enjoy. Beaching or brunching, bring the summer vibes with this chic earring set. Add a coastal accent to any outfit with the banana palm and hoop combo featured in gold. Delicate and simple, they’ll be the perfect complement to your wardrobe. Wear them separately, mix and match, or together for an extra fun look.

These beach-chic earrings also give back! Profits from this Campaign will go to Interface Kids to give beautiful smiles to those in need, a great cause Gabriella and her mom are actively involved with.

  • Created by Gabriella DeMers
  • Palm stud and huggie-hoop earring set sold as a pair
  • 18K gold-plated 925 Sterling Silver with clear gemstones
  • Free shipping anywhere in the USA
Ending in: Ended
Give Back: 25%

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Gabriella approved her prototype sample and has officially launched her crowdfunding campaign! Her campaign has an expiration date so she’s hustling to promote and spread the word to her Nation. Likes and clapping emojis are definitely in order, but that’s not enough. Gabriella needs your support, and by support we mean place an order and/or share her campaign with everyone you know, and even with people you don’t!

A smile changes everything.

InterFACE Kids currently travel to 2 different sites for periods of 2 to 5 days, visiting some sites twice a year. The number of major operations performed ranges from 50 to 75 per trip. Their primary focus is cleft lip and palate repair, but they also perform correction of hand and ear deformation, burn reconstruction, and other congenital and acquire deformities. In each of the locations where they work, they are sponsored by the Secretary of Health for that state and work with the local plastic surgeons or pediatric surgeons. Their team members vary each trip, as they have a devoted talent bank of over 250 volunteers who travel with them at various times.


Gabri Coastal Chic Earring Set


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