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We’re the fuel, the launch pad, the starting gate that can help take your idea from inspiration to #1 seller. You’re the creator, the innovator, the idea machine, we’re the how it gets done people.

Your Vision

Maybe it was a dream, or you had an aha moment at the gym; regardless, once inspiration hits you it changes you. But inspiration alone won’t do it. Fortunately, we can help with the heavy lifting you need to turn your vision into a reality.


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About the Company

What is Original Nations?

Original Nations is a platform that allows anyone to design, manufacture, and sell products.

What is an Original?

We’re all Originals. We all have product ideas that people will love. Maybe not millions of people, but thousands, hundreds, dozens? An Original is a person with unique product ideas who wants to share it with their Nation.

What is a Nation?

A Nation is an Original’s people. Friends, relatives, neighbors, classmates, colleagues, fans… people who love what you love and share your ideals, your vision, your swag.

How is Original Nations different than selling stuff on Amazon or a website?

To sell stuff on Amazon or a website, you need to perform product engineering, negotiate with a domestic or overseas manufacturer, manage international shipping and logistics, test product quality and production volume, buy inventory from the manufacturer, store the product inventory, box and ship orders as they come in, and manage your advertising program on Amazon or an e-commerce website.

With Original Nations, you have a product idea, you sell the product, and we handle everything else.

Becoming an Original

Who can become an Original?

Anyone. You, your friends, your sister, your brother. We’re all Original, unique, fantastic people with something to offer the world.

How does somebody become an Original?

People become Originals by completing their profile page and submitting Campaign ideas.

How does an Original start a Campaign?

To start a Campaign, an Original goes to the Launch Your Product page and tells us what type of product they’d like to make and provides links to similar types of products. We have several phone conversations with the Original and once we determine that we can make their product in the desired quantity, volume, and price, we produce and approve samples. After samples are approved, we launch the Campaign page, and the Original can promote it.

Product and Brand Creation

Who designs the products for the Original?

We work with the Original to take the product idea and turn it into a design, then into engineered product specifications for the manufacturer, and then into samples for review and approval with the Original.

How does an Original’s product idea get made?

We have a conversation with you, we engineer the product according to your idea, we find the best manufacturer, they produce samples, we review them with you so the quality is up to snuff, and when the Campaign hits its goal the product is made an shipped to customers.

Do Originals have to buy inventory?

No. The Original’s product isn’t manufactured until the Campaign Goal is reached. Once the Goal is reached, the product is shipped straight from the factory to the customer.

Campaign Creation

What is a Campaign?

A Campaign is how Originals sell their products – it’s a limited run of a product with a Goal number of sales. The Original can promote their Campaign anyway they want – tell their friends, send out texts/emails, post on social – by including a link to their Campaign page.

What is a Campaign goal?

A Campaign Goal is the minimum number of orders required before the product will be delivered to customers. For example, if the goal is 50, as soon as the 50th order is received, the manufacturer makes all 50 products and sends it to customers. The minimum varies for different product types – it can be as low as 5 to as high as 1,000 or more.

What happens to a Campaign after it reaches its Goal?

The product is manufactured and delivered to Customers, and then Campaign is closed.

Can a Campaign be renewed?

Yes. If a Goal is reached, the Original can renew the same product for another Campaign at their discretion.

Why are Campaign goals different?

The Campaign Goal is generally determined by the type of product. Manufacturers around the world have “minimum order quantities” (MOQs) before they can make a product. Different products and manufacturers require different MOQs. Originals can make the Campaign Goals higher than the MOQ for their product, but not lower.

Purchasing Original's Products

How do Customers buy Originals’ products?

Customers buy Originals’ products by completing an order on the Campaign page, which charges the Customer’s credit card immediately. The product is manufactured and delivered to the Customer after the Campaign reaches its Goal.

How long does it take for Customers to receive their products after a Campaign reaches its Goal?

The time it takes depends on the specific product. The Campaign page will indicate how long it will take after the Goal is reached to deliver the product. The entire product run (anywhere from 5-1000+ items) is completed all at once and shipped immediately.

Typically this takes 1-3 weeks.

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