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Sydney Ying

12th grader, ballroom dancer, sister, daughter

I hope to practice and improve my innovation and entrepreneurial skills.
I hope to help Original Nations grow as a company by providing feedback.

I want to try designing various products that I think I could advertise to a diverse audience.

I want to try and launch products because I often find people (my age in particular) who all want similar staple items (apparel, accessories, fitness items) but cost and shopping always play a factor, and I want to try and eliminate those things for people while benefiting myself, Original Nations, and a non-profit of my choice. I am choosing to donate the designated money to the Post Oak School in order for them to be able to purchase a scoreboard for their new gymnasium at the MS and HS campus. The gymnasium is something I have wanted for the school for years, and while I will not be there when it is finished I would like to contribute in any way I can. My inspiration is simplicity, my surroundings, and staple items that everyone could benefit from. A simple light colored sweater, everyone could use, and plain comfortable athletic shirt, many could benefit from. A simple handbag, high quality socks, all things that many people could easily benefit from having.

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