What a Way to Start College.

What a Way to Start College.

Kelsey Knigin’s first business was collecting trash.  It was a short commute, stable customers, recurring income, and the hours fit her demanding school schedule.  Collections became a bit of an issue, though - Mom and Dad paid regularly, but her three siblings were always delinquent and complained about price.  

Her next business had a bigger market - New Jersey shore beachgoers.  Who doesn’t want a colorful threaded bracelet during the summer?  She had manufacturing problems, though - she only had one Rainbow Loom and her little brothers kept getting sand on it at the beach.

With these experiences, Kelsey knew exactly the headaches she wanted to avoid when she found Original Nations.  Given her experiences, Kelsey had a clear idea of what she wanted to create - something that people would love to show off!  

Kelsey was headed off to business school at the University of Texas in the fall, but felt like going back to her roots with her product.  After a long pandemic senior year, she wanted to spread some positive vibes with her Our Voices brand.  

She curated charm bracelets with inspirational, fashionable, and positive messages to support Addi’s Faith Foundation to end childhood cancers.  Some emails and texting, some IG posts, Dad and Mom posting on LinkedIn and Facebook, and Kelsey sold out her Campaign!  

When she arrives at UT Kelsey will already be a successful entrepreneur with her own brand, have her own money for social events, and be a philanthropist.  Not a bad way to start off freshman year!