We Could All Use a Little Love in Our Lives

We Could All Use a Little Love in Our Lives

Jamie Lynn Davis was never really a dog person.  She was too busy with gymnastics growing up - Olympic hopefuls need to spend a lot of time at the gym.  Then it was off to college, where being a scholarship athlete cheerleader took up all her time.  Not a lot of time for a dog :(

The closest she got to a pet was a Puma, the company for whom she started and ran social media activities.  Then she met the (first) love of her life - Boone the golden retriever.  The wagging tail, the joyful chasing and pouncing on tennis balls, the boundless energy running on the beach.  Just… pure… joy, and unconditional love - it changed her life.  

She was hooked, and became involved in animal causes.  When she decided to launch a brand on Original Nations, the most “on brand” thing for her to do was to make a brand about her dog, to support animal rescue.  That is how Boone & Co. was born.

The hats were an easy call. She loves the sun and the beach where she loves to take Boone to run around and could use a little shade from the sun.  

What better product than a premium every day “dad” hat?    And what better organization than Puppies & Golf, a charity that combines her two loves!

This isn’t her full-time job, but her dog and the cause are her full-time loves and passions.  She decided she could do both, and you can too!