We All Start Somewhere

We All Start Somewhere

When did you open your first bank account?

As a kid I remember putting my Christmas and birthday cash into a sock in the back of my underwear drawer.  You had to be 16 to get a job in Ohio - my first job was as a bell boy at the Holiday Inn on Rockside Road in Independence, Ohio. I had to cash the checks, so that’s when I got my first bank account.

I thought of this the other day when Anderson Walsh wrapped up his Campaign for the Lone Peak Supply Co. knife.  He more than doubled his minimum order, and had raised plenty of money for his Eagle Scout project.  

We confirmed the final tally with Anderson, and he was very excited.  The amount was more than enough to pay for his Eagle project - building a bench outside of his school - and the remainder would be donated to the school!

At our next meeting, we met Anderson’s hero, his dad Marc.  Anderson asked his dad to join because this was his first income - he wasn’t 16 yet and had never had an official job.  It was enough money to be taxed (“what’s a W9?”), and required a bank account to receive payment (“what’s a routing number?”).

These were all firsts for Anderson.  He got to learn about marketing, products, profits, and also bank accounts, taxes, and charities.  Now.  In high school.  

We started Original Nations imagining anyone with enthusiasm and energy could be an entrepreneur and make the world a better place.  

We imagined people like Anderson Walsh.