The Chickens Came First, Then the Eggs

The Chickens Came First, Then the Eggs

When her family moved to Salt Lake City, UT, Catherine Ferguson was super excited.  She was closer to family, their house had a big backyard, and they got a ping pong table!  Of course, when you’re 5, everything is pretty exciting.  

One morning she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, went down for breakfast, and made a sound that only deliriously excited little kids can make when they see CHICKENS in their yard.  Thusly began Catherine’s entrepreneurial journey.

After learning the basics of cleaning chicken coops and all the ways to cook eggs, Catherine decided others should share in her fowl bounty.  She sold all her neighbors on a weekly subscription for a dozen eggs delivered by an excited young girl with an infectious smile.

Catherine used those proceeds to buy baking goods (she didn’t need any eggs).  And by golly did she learn how to bake.  It started with cupcakes for neighbors and birthday cakes for relatives, but before she even started high school she had developed such a reputation that complete strangers paid her to make their wedding cakes.  

Before long, Catherine had a long customer list and many fans on Instagram, waiting excitedly for her next “cake drop” picture.  When she got to Original Nations as a high schooler, Catherine knew she wanted to launch something related to her baking passion.  Through the brand creation process, she decided to give a hug to her dearly departed grandmother, for whom Catherine was given her middle name of Florence.

The world can now share Catherine’s love of baking with her own brand of baking accessories, Milk & Sugar by Catherine Florence.