Getting Revenge on the Dress Code

Getting Revenge on the Dress Code

Emory thought, “Why does dad get to wear sweatpants to work?”

She considered this as she painted fan art for her favorite movies, like How to Train Your Dragon, or anything Pixar.  She contemplated this as she pinned the older boys in her Brazilian jiu jitsu classes.  She reflected on this during volleyball practice, serving with a little extra oomph.  

Her dad would say, “Well, they’re not really sweatpants, they FEEL super comfortable like sweatpants, but they LOOK like business pants.”  That seemed unfair to Emory - why weren’t there options like that for girls?  She wanted something that passed the school dress code, but felt like pajamas.  

During sophomore year in high school, she spent time with a 2nd Cup, a non-profit in her hometown that helped prevent human trafficking, and she wanted to help.  

As luck would have it, she found a way to solve her pet peeve and make a difference.  She met with the Original Nations team and talked about her interests, brands, and product ideas.  In just a couple months she launched her Hans & Murry brand with a custom-designed t-shirt dress, with proceeds to support a 2nd Cup.  

As it turned out, lots of adults and kids wanted formal comfiness, just like Emory.  She sold out of all her dresses, and did her part to stop human trafficking.  By junior year, she moved onto her second product in the Hans & Murry brand - affordable, quirky, truly hypo-allergenic earrings, and this time she gets to protect endangered marine animals!