Gear Matters

Gear Matters

Hannah Garrou’s track career began on the soccer field.  She was always the fastest on the field, blowing by everyone to get to the ball first.  This was cute in youth rec soccer leagues, but became impossible to miss against older teens.  

Her school didn’t have a track team, so Hannah’s parents took her to a local club track coach for advice.  Hannah had never run a race before, so the coach had her run a few sprints. 

Then he asked her to run them again because he couldn’t believe the numbers on his stopwatch. 

Hannah is now a really fast high school sprinter.  She’s constantly training, going from school to practice to home, and traveling to competitions.  

She often dons athleisure wear over her training gear, and has worn a lot of track jackets.  They keep her warm between races and impacts how she feels.

When we talked with Hannah about products for her Campaign, she wanted to make something she would love, use, and represent who she was.  

She had already started the Hans & Murry brand with her friend Emory, so we created the “Hans & Murry Athletic” line for Hannah’s athleisure products.

Between school work, finals, track practice, competitions, and rolling around with her dogs, Hanna joined the short video calls required to launch her track jacket.  

After launch, she worked hard to use email, text, and social media to share her product with friends, teammates, classmates, relatives, and her parents’ friends to sell out her Campaign in just a few weeks!