Don't Stop Believin'

Don't Stop Believin'

Luke wanted to make a motorized electric couch.  Or a spray bottle for really thick hot sauce.

Luke was never afraid to try new things.  His dad was an incredible piano player, and as Luke got the musician bug, he decided to go a completely different direction and took on the drums.  He still played the piano, and the guitar, and the bass, but DRUMS... that became his passion.

This was all before he even got to high school.  That was when the inventing and entrepreneurial bug really kicked in.  Luke was in the first round of alpha testers for Original Nations, but he deferred for a year.  The motorized couch was an itch that he had to scratch.

As he started junior year of high school, he had built quite an audience for his online videos of epic drum licks and guitar riffs.  He wanted to learn how to combine his passion for music and entrepreneurship.  He wanted to make a music brand, a throwback to great concerts, rock and roll, but still modern.  

What about drumsticks, he asked?  We did some research and asked him “what about a GUITAR?”  And that is how Luke launched the Spectre music brand.  His first product would be the most expensive thing we’ve ever had on the platform.  Undaunted, with handwritten letters to his musical heroes, he sold out of his guitars in less than a week.  

We’re all excited to see what itch Luke wants to scratch next.