Comfy Shorts are Hard to Find

Comfy Shorts are Hard to Find

Sutton was finding her groove as a sophomore in high school. 

She has a big whiteboard in her bedroom, where every Sunday she plans out her week.  Cross country practice, musical rehearsals, practicing her overhand volleyball serve, making a cake for her new dog Baker's "half birthday," and creating an "octopus umbrella" for her class assignment.  

All these activities require proper rest, which is hard to do when you don't have the right equipment.  Specifically, it's hard to find the perfect sleeping shorts.  They have to be just long enough but not too long, super soft but still substantial to survive washing, and fluffy but not bulky or scratchy.  

When we met with Sutton, she wasn't sure on brand style or specific product.  Her bright personality shined through, though, and that was enough for our team to create the Simply Sutton brand.  It has a celestial overtone, which is perfect for Sutton who is always shooting for the stars.  

Sutton felt dozens of different fabric swatches, and picked just the right fabric and shade of blue.  She was very specific about the fit, which allowed our engineering group to get it just right.

It turned out a lot of people were looking for the perfect sleeping shorts.  Friends, family, classmates, and total strangers.  With her first successful product launch under her belt, she’s about to drop her second product, all before she finishes her junior year of high school!