Who We Are

Original Nations

Every human possesses value and can make contributions to the world. Each of you posses a unique mash up of personal qualities, dreams and ambitions that should be shared with your Nation.

A Nation is an Original’s people, your friends, followers, colleagues, homies, peeps; people who share your ideals, your values and most importantly humans who buy into your vision.

Our Mission

We’re the fuel, the launch pad, the starting gate that can help take your idea from inspiration to #1 seller. You’re the creator, the innovator, the idea machine, we’re the how it gets done people.

Your Vision

Maybe it was a dream, or you had an aha moment at the gym; regardless, once inspiration hits you it changes you. But inspiration alone won’t do it. Fortunately, we can help with the heavy lifting you need to turn your vision into a reality.

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Giving Back

Sure, doing good is good business, but it’s also the right thing to do. We are compassionate capitalists that know how truly blessed we are. That’s why giving back to our communities is baked into our business like so; every Original is paid 75% of net profits, the other 25% is donated to charity partners of your choosing.


Original Profit


Charity Donation

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